• Eric Amiel
    Co-Founder and Director, BananaLab

    Eric, 35, Co-Founder & Director at BananaLab, he is also the Head of IT and Projects.

    Over the past 13 years, Eric has gained a tremendous experience in Strategy and Project Management.

    Heading teams of 40+ people, Eric has coordinated major projects, ensuring schedule, costs, Business strategy & risks VS opportunities were assessed and respected.

    Eric is has built BananaLab’s IT systems including 2 Websites and our in-house App allowing end to end Vouchers management and connections to Partner’s IT systems.

    Eric has a Master of Intelligent Systems and Computer Science Engineering.

  • Rita Arrigo
    Chief Digital Advisor, Microsoft

    Rita Arrigo is a Chief Digital Advisor at Microsoft, she dreams, designs and delivers to transform the business, empower the employee, deliver new connected customer experiences and re-invent products.  With experience in designing transformational digital solutions that embrace the modern workplace, cognitive, crypto-transactions and mixed-reality across multiple industries, she engages with globally distributed teams; mentor and motivate; and works on inclusive accessible design in an AI first approach.

    Her work at Microsoft is focused in Smart Buildings, Connected Manufacturing, Digital Health, Connected Vehicle and Experience Design, together with industry, government and education re-imagining people, place and technology in the digital world.

    Her passion for humanising innovation is evident in her view of the next boom that will be fuelled by the collision of the creative and technology improving of daily lives and digitally transforming our cities, lifestyle and play. This started in 1993 when she co-founded the radio show Byte Into It on 3RRR aiming to reducing techno fear and bring the benefits of technology to a larger audience. Since that she has launched User Groups, Mentored and Attended Hackathons, Design Thinking to engage business users and drive customer empathy with a range of techniques to enable new technologies to flourish.

    She is passionate about the Rise of AI, making our lives more human, with inclusive workplaces, rise of AI for customer service, the future of work with Mixed Reality and Machine Learning driving more personal experiences, that will make our lives more Human.

    As User Interface moves from SmartPhone to Ambient and Mixed Reality, Interactive Design becomes Cognitive Knowledge and Understanding, the new killer app will be intelligence. In this talk

    She is listed in the top 10 in Microsoft Global Social Selling Index and is currently at 4th place global in employee advocacy on Social Media.

  • Kara Atkinson
    Chief Executive Officer / Founder, The Sales Recruiter / SPARC

    Kara Atkinson, Headhunter of 18 years, CEO of “The Sales Recruiter” and Founder of “SPARC| The Sales Leader Network”, has assisted more than 1,000 Sales Leaders into their next role. Kara is fuelled by the opportunity to help people continue to build and transform themselves through their career. In 2019, Kara launched SPARC into the marketplace; a network for Elite Sales Leaders. For more information visit www.karaatkinson.com and www.sparc-network.com

    It's not rare for Kara to place someone in more than one role throughout their career. This demonstrates Kara's uniqueness in her commitment to helping people build careers, as opposed to the usual bums on seats attitude that might be great for the short term but is not sustainable for the long term.

    Knowing today’s candidate is tomorrow’s client, Kara has developed The Sales Virtuoso recruitment methodology; an industry first six-stage system guaranteed to deliver high performing sales people to corporate Australia.

    Kara is very approachable. You can feel very comfortable to have an open and honest conversation with her. Please get in touch with Kara to discuss your sales team and your sales career.

  • Sue Barrett
    Founder & Managing Director, Barrett Consulting Group

    In 1995, Sue Barrett took the road less travelled when she founded Barrett, a business consulting and education firm specialising in Selling Better rather than selling more, and that has made all the difference.

    Founder and CEO of Barrett, a business consulting and education firm specialising in Sales, www.salesessentials.com, and the Selling Better Movement, Sue lives by the philosophy that selling is everybody's business and everybody lives by selling something and is the architect of the world class Selling Better Operating System & Philosophy. Sue brings a well researched 21st Century systems thinking approach to sales that includes a complete selling system which is engineered for growth, not personality driven.

    1997 Winner of the Telstra & Victorian Government Small Business Award, an inductee in the Business Women's Hall of Fame 2000, and finalist in 1998 and 2001 Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards, Sue is one of the most authoritative thought leaders reporting on and working in the selling profession in Australia and the world today.

    Working as a Sales Strategist, Writer, Philosopher, Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer, Coach and Selling Better Activist, Sue has published over 600 sales articles in the mainstream press, written 21 e-books on sales, got selling its first ever university qualification and produces the ‘must read’ Annual 12 Sales Trends Report. Sue and her team are committed to helping business leaders deliver selling better strategies and helping people and businesses sell better with healthier margins and less risk.

    In 2019, Sue published her first paperback book, '142 Days of Gratitude that changed my life forever', a treatise on the positive power of gratitude that delivers a masterclass in resilience.

    Sue is board member of the Future Business Council and an advocate for the Moral Case for Gratitude, Equality, Finding Common Ground for the Common Good, and Ethical and Sustainable Business and Societal Practices.

    Sue lives in Melbourne with her partner Jobst and sons Alex and Josh.

  • James Bergl
    Director of Sales, APAC, Datto, Inc

    James is the APAC Regional Director at Datto, a channel-only vendor of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Business Management solutions

    With a BSc in Management Sciences, James is an experienced business leader with a focus in strategic planning, go-to-market strategy and sales leadership. With over 10 years of industry experience, James has a track record of successfully launching cutting edge technologies into the EMEA & APAC IT Channel.

    James launched Datto’s footprint in the APAC market in August 2015. Today the Datto APAC business has 70 staff. Datto now partne0rs with over 1200 Managed Service Providers (MSP’s), servicing over 6000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand and South East Asia.

  • Paul Bolton
    Regional Sales Director Cloud Data Services - APAC
    NetApp Inc.
  • Thomas Dufraisse
    Co-Founder and Director, BananaLab

    Tom, 36, Co-Founder & Director at BananaLab, he is also the Head of Sales and Experiences.

    Tom has a strong sales and broking background gained over 10 years working for major international Insurance Companies.

    Under its supervision, BananaLab has created the 2nd largest offer of experiences in Victoria and recently sealed several deals with large corporates such as Merlin Entertainment, AIG and NAB.

    Tom has a Master I degree in Corporate law and a Master II degree in Management Science

  • Kent Eimbrodt
    General Manager, Bullivants

    Kent manages all facets of the business from ideation, innovation and design, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, merchandising, customer service, sales, training and onsite field services across 18 locations in Australia and one in China.

    Having lived and worked in Europe for almost 10 years, he successfully designed and delivered a major global turnaround of a B2B industrial for a FTSE 250 listed company.

    The scope of control was across three continents with sales branches in 165 countries, a sales force of 300 with manufacturing units in five countries, plus three research and development centres.

    Kent doubled sales in 4 years and delivered double-digit ebit where all others had failed.

    Kent is a quick and lateral thinker, who enjoys a hands-on approach with a proven record of listening to the needs of customers and employees, then unravelling complex problems across a diverse range of cultures and industries. Kent’s motivation is to deliver permanent positive change for everyone at work; with hopefully those changes flowing on to have a positive impact at home.

    Happily married for many years with the kids all grown up and moved out, Kent has more time to tinker with new ideas and innovations in his workshop at home.

    The last three projects have all led to patents with Kent listed as the inventor, and each invention subsequently deployed into the business. He unfortunately cannot tell us what the current “home project” is.

  • Catherine Heilemann
    Director & Master Coach, The Salary Coach

    Catherine has honed her prestigious career working across the fields of Human Resources, Sales, Business and Change Management with some of the worlds most renowned, bluechip clients including: IBM, Westpac, Allianz, Telstra, St. George, Blackmores, Xerox and Mobil Oil.

    With a flair for navigating organisational compliance, Catherine was the first to introduce and lead the Global Resourcing function at IBM and lead negotiations that won venture capital funding for her Data Workforce Measurement invention that served on-demand evidence around a workforce of 330,000 strong.

    Now, in her role as an expert coach Catherine has worked with thousands of individuals to refine their focus, overcome career development blocks and progress their impact at work both personally and financially.

    Catherine’s philosophy begins with the premise of change and her approach leverages positive, goal-focused and evidence based methods to help her clients be the change they are targeting.

    A deep expertise and approachable style allow Catherine to build strong rapport with her audience whilst delivering thought-starting inspiration.

  • Neil Hockley
    State Sales Manager NSW/ACT – Commercial, Bunnings

    Neil Hockley is the NSW / ACT Commercial Sales Manager at Bunnings Pty Ltd, formerly Fletcher Building and GWA Caroma/Dorf. Neil’s years of thought leadership and innovation as a leader in sales is as a testament to his developing career in the building supply industry.

    Neil firmly believes his success in his role is through ‘strategic leadership that drives revenue through building the best possible teams’. An important aspect of strategic leadership is to coach team members to rethink and reset their focus, ensuring the core purpose their role is front of mind in all that they do. This approach builds trust, cooperation and motivation, and is proven to deliver results.

    Delivering customer value is paramount in a strategic leadership approach, as the customers’ needs are the heart of every business. Understanding the customer and their core needs is vital when developing partnerships, as a business should not rely on purely transactional sales.

  • Tony J. Hughes
    Sales Leadership Speaker and Bestselling Author,

    Tony Hughes is an international speaker and best-selling author with 30 years of sales leadership experience. He is ranked the most influential person in professional selling within Asia-Pacific by Top Sales Magazine and teaches 'modernized selling' within the MBA program at the University of Technology, Sydney. Tony is also the ‘most read’ LinkedIn Author globally on the topic of sales leadership and has been recognized multiple times as the #1 sales blogger globally. He is Co-founder and Sales Innovation Director at Sales IQ and can also be found at www.TonyHughes.com.au.

  • Ciaran McGuigan
    Owner / Director, Strike Force Sales

    Born in Northern Ireland in the early 60’s Ciaran McGuigan and his family have lived in Australia since 1988. He is a successful business owner, author, trainer, speaker and recognised expert in the one discipline which is critical to every businesses success – generating new business!

    Ciaran and his team specialise in helping their clients win more business – more often! His first book; “The World’s Best Sales Tips” has been described as ‘the Swiss Army Knife of sales books’ And his second book: ‘Impact Negotiating’ was a global project with some of the giants of negotiating – James Hennig and Herb Cohen.

    He is the owner and founder of Strike Force Sales; Australia’s leading New Business Development agency. Ciaran’s unique strategies and techniques have helped some of Australia’s leading organisations build their sale culture and team performance.

    Recognised as Australia's leading speaker on B2B Prospecting and New Business Development, in 2008 Ciaran McGuigan anticipated the looming financial crisis and realised that the forgotten sales skills of the early 1990's were soon going to be in demand. He founded 'Strike Force Sales' and quickly established one of the regions fastest growing businesses.

    Named by The Australian Financial Review as 'The Kings of Cold Calling', the business quickly established itself and was listed in the top 100 of BRW's Fast Starters. Business owners and executives use their unique systems and razor sharp team of experts at SFS, to generate momentum and results in their sales and marketing strategies.

    As a salesman, Business Owner, Employer, Author and genuine expert, Ciaran’s systems and methodologies empower you, your team and business to achieve the success it deserves! He holds a Masters degree in Marketing and has lectured in Planning and Marketing Strategy at the University of Technology Sydney.

  • James Moore
    Principle Sales Manager - Enterprise and Mid-Market, Hubspot

    James is a Senior Sales Manager for the ANZ region at HubSpot and is responsible for leading the enterprise and mid-market sales teams to help businesses across Australia and New Zealand grow better through marketing and sales best practices. Prior to HubSpot, James held sales leadership positions at leading tech companies such as DropBox and Uber, giving him extensive experience in building and leading high performing sales teams.

    James firmly believes in a ‘customer first’ approach to sales in order to achieve long term success. He is passionate about the professional development of his team and is a champion for marketing and sales alignment. When he’s not at his desk, James can be found at the park with his daughter, Lily, and son, William.

  • Martin Moore
    Founder, Your CEO Mentor

    From university drop out to CEO of a multi-billion dollar business, Marty forged a successful 30+ year career working for a range of blue-chip companies across multiple industries.

    He demonstrated career agility before it was trendy, holding senior executive roles in Sales and Marketing, Finance, Strategy, and IT.

    Best known as the CEO who turned around CS Energy, he led his team to implement sustainable culture change, driving earnings growth from $18m to
    $441m, a compound annual growth rate of 125%.

    Marty is now pursuing his true purpose; to improve the quality of leaders globally. A strong believer in the adage that "leadership drives culture; culture drives performance", Marty is committed to helping organisations deliver real value uplift through improving leadership capability, and unlocking the latent potential of the workforce.

    A life-long learner with insatiable curiosity, Marty holds an MBA from the QUT Graduate School of Business, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program.

  • Chris Muir
    Managing Director, Sales Success

    Chris has been in sales, marketing and communications for over 30 years and has advised clients including Singapore Airlines, UPS, 3M, NAB, Fuji Xerox, Canon Medical, Nokia, Toshiba and Apple. His ‘freak factor’ is asking the right questions at the right time and coming to grips with individual business strategies, understanding what ‘hot buttons’ different audiences have, then creating unique, needs-based value propositions and persuasive sales arguments that get results. These days he owns and runs Sales Success, addressing the sales training needs of an ever-changing market and passing those skills on to a variety of businesses across all market segments. He is a regular speaker at conferences and industry events. Chris holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from UTS and an MBA from Booth Business School at the University of Chicago. He is also a Certified DISC Practitioner, Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA), a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA) and a Certified Professional EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Analyst (CPEQA).

  • David Roddick
    Chief Sales Officer, Foxtel Media

    There’s a theme amongst the media businesses David has worked for. Every one of them - News Corporation, DMGT, Clear Channel, Adshel and currently Foxtel Media - has faced the challenge of maintaining relevance to customers as the business changes at incredible speed. As a result, being clear about what you stand for so that it can guide you and your customers through uncertainty has been a theme of David’s career, which spans four continents, and many more cultures. By working with some of the most controversial media brand identities, first in the UK (The Sun, News of the World, Daily Mail, for example) and then worldwide, as well as some of the most anonymous, he has learnt that businesses which grow with a unifying thought about what they represent to their customers, are the most resilient against potential disruption and challenge; and they turn out to be the most fun to work for.

  • Martin Soley
    Group General Manager Data Services, DCA - Database Consultants Australia

    Martin has worked in data both internationally and within APAC for 17 years. Starting in the UK providing data solutions for European and global banking clients that wished to streamline loan origination application processing and provide an enhanced digital experience.  Over the last 7 years, Martin has worked with clients in ANZ, providing data solutions that have evolved with new large-scale datasets available, combined with machine learning and augmented intelligence in the B2B corporate sector, providing the means to develop deep account intelligence to enhance the customer experience

  • Nils Vesk
    Innovation Keynote Speaker, Ideas with Legs

    Around the globe, Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle, HP & Pfizer turn to Nils Vesk to share his unique game changing innovation techniques for formulating commercial insights, ideas, increased sales, extraordinary customer experiences and irresistible products.

    Nils Vesk is a futurist, an international authority on innovation and the inventor of the ‘Innovation Archetypes Process’. Nils helps leaders identify lucrative trends, create customer insights and turn game changing ideas into increased sales and profits.

    Nils’s captivating storytelling coupled with his practical innovation processes consistently increase learning transfer and create commercial gains. In fact, his most recent client, a major US manufacturer, doubled their output in the 12 months following his engagement.

    Nils unpacks the million-dollar innovation principles used to create rapid growth for the future. This enables organisations to shift from being on the back foot, to identifying and seizing the customers of the future. Equipping them to rapidly invent the products, processes and services that create raving fans and insatiable customer desire.

    Nils is an active member of the World Futurist Society and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). His thought leadership has been featured in media like BOSS magazine, ABC radio, Channel 9, Australian Financial Review, News.com.au, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, and the Courier Mail.

    He is the author of the books Ideas with Legs: how to bring brilliant ideas to life and Innovation Archetypes: Principles for world-class innovation, and his upcoming book Unthinkable: Insider secrets to change performance mindsets is due for release in December 2020.

    Nils has delivered keynotes and workshops around the world from Tokyo to Munich. His audiences have ranged from Tech and Telcos to Finance & FMCGs. His highly interactive presentations are tailored to captivate and motivate each unique audience into action, which is why clients such as HP, Microsoft, Gartner, Macquarie Bank regularly turn to Nils to help them discover and turn insights into commercial profits.

  • Andrew Young
    Head Of Sales, Contiki Holidays

    Growing up on a generational farm in country Victoria as a young boy, Andrew would frequently drift off to sleep studying atlases and travel guides – dreaming about travel and where he would explore one day..

    After completing a BBus (Marketing/Management) at Latrobe in Bendigo, Andrew took off to Europe to work, live, learn and experience.

    Upon his return home a few years later, Andrew followed his personal passion for travel into a sales career with STA Travel in Melbourne.

    During his tenure spanning across 7 years, including a 12 month stint working in Vancouver, Andrew developed his skills around sales, marketing and sales management - culminating in being recognised as the Global Store Manager of the year, and then the following year as Regional Sales Manager of the year.

    In 2016 Andrew joined Contiki, where he was first tasked with heading up business development projects and leading the brand’s marketing & sales partnerships, before becoming Head of Sales in 2018 – leading the Australian sales teams and helping to steer the brands’ identity evolution through distribution challenges and changing consumer behaviours.

    Andrew is a firm believer that “improvement is to change, but perfection is to change often”, and what gets you there doesn’t necessarily keep you there. It’s with these ethea that have helped Andrew to continually adapt his approach to sales and sales management within an exceptionally dynamic and ever changing industry. He also recognises the importance of understanding Gen Z – both for sales, marketing and management effectiveness, and has enjoyed mentoring young sales people to achieve their goals and further career progression.

    Andrew still lives in the country with his Canadian wife and two young children (+ a quite a few sheep and cattle!)

  • Amy Zobec
    Enterprise Sales, Shopify Plus

    Over her 12 year career, Amy has worked in a number of sales roles across Unified Communications, SAAS and Digital Advertising and have included local, regional and global focus. Amy was at LinkedIn for 4 years before moving to Shopify Plus where she works with enterprise merchants looking to customise, automate, scale and grow their e-commerce businesses.