Event At A Glance


Pre-workshop - Tuesday 5th May

Sales Excellence Tool Kit

  • The 6-week sustainable sales system
  • Show me the money! The perfect sales commission structure. 
  • World class interviewing


Conference Day One - Wednesday 6th May

Sales lab

  • Taking sales to the next level
  • Reinvent your marketing message

Sales strategies

  • Case study - Book of Dreams by Microsoft
  • Case study - 12 months to improve sales performance
  • Conversations and Consequences - knowing what works & doing what matters

From promotion to emotion  

  • Case study - Benefiting from the voice of the customers
  • Panel discussion – Which sales methodology is right for you?

Boozy mini-workshop: What makes a great sales leader tick?
In this interactive session delegates will discover the secrets of sales leaders, rate themselves on those attributes and create a personal action plan to help make them even better at what they do.


Conference Day Two - Thursday 7th May

A new kind of leadership

  • Staying in high performance mode
  • Case study - Winning leadership strategies from those who are nailing it
  • Equipping leaders to succeed

Happy team, happy life

  • Level up your team
  • Converting your sales person into a people manager
  • STOP recruiting sales victims and START recruiting sales virtuosos


  • Case study - Going on the sales journey with Bunnings
  • Maximising data to drive revenue generation

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