Day One Wednesday 4 December

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Meet our MC and set the scene


Sue Barrett
Founder & Managing Director
Barrett Consulting Group

Sales lab
Next Level Sales

Sue will focus on current sales trends and future factors that will disrupt the context. With assurance and spirit Sue will show you how to take sales to the next level with strategic thinking and boldness.

Sue Barrett
Founder & Managing Director
Barrett Consulting Group

Solving the right problems in sales

Failure rates in B2B selling are rising as every industry faces increased competition and commoditization of their ‘high-value solutions’. Tony will discuss how to positively different and exceed buyer expectations today. He will also address the three key problem domains that sales leaders must solve for as they drive improved strategy and execution. Key take-aways from Tony’s keynote include how to break-through with pipeline creation, how to increase deal win rates, and how to retain and grow clients. Tony will provide actionable take-aways for how sales leaders can be the X-factor in creating winning customer and employee experience for sustained success.

Tony J Hughes
Sales Leadership Speaker and Bestselling Author

Reinvent your marketing message

Ever wondered why some marketing and sales messages get more cut-through and buy-in than others? 90% of the time it’s because they are unique, respond to an insight and prompt an emotional response. The other 10% of the time is because they are laden with humour.

Nils will reveal how you can apply innovation to your marketing and sales strategy to help you grab 'mind-share' and 'market-share' with minimal expense or risk.

Nils Vesk
Innovation Keynote Speaker
Ideas with Legs

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Sales strategies
Case study: Microsoft’s ‘Book of Dreams’

Dream, design, deliver. Rita will guide you through business growth opportunities using Microsoft’s iconic ‘Book of Dreams’ - their interactive transformation guide to offering higher-value experiences.

Rita Arrigo
Chief Digital Advisor

Case study: 12 months to improve sales performance

Louise will share her success story at Laminex in her signature driven, winning yet humble way:

  • Attaching the team to the vision
  • Increasing sales team engagement
  • Rapidly changing the sales strategy

Louise Hall
Central Region Manager

Conversations and Consequences - knowing what works & doing what matters

Ciaran will present the key actions essential to growing new business and driving profit in a softening market.

Ciaran McGuigan
Owner / Director
Strike Force Sales

Breathe, network, eat

From promotion to emotion
How to put the customer at the center of your sales cycle with an inbound strategy

The way people buy has changed, and the customer is more in control of shaping the buying experience than ever before. Salespeople are tasked with not only being experts on their product, but they’re also now expected to add real value to their prospects during the sales process. We'll show you the inbound sales techniques and technologies that can help you meet the needs of this digitally-empowered customer, and connect with them in the right place, at the right time, with less effort.

James Moore
Principle Sales Manager - Enterprise and Mid-Market

Case study: The voice of the customer

Quick, lateral and hands on, Kent will give insights on Bullivants’ inspirational sales journey under his management:

  • Using customer feedback to increase revenue generation
  • Long-term relationships and how to nurture them
  • Establishing pricing strategies

Kent Eimbrodt
General Manager

Panel talk: Sales methodologies – what’s right for your business or more importantly – your customer?

SPIN, NEAT, SNAP, Solution, MEDDIC, CustomerCentric – there’s always a method to the madness, but what works for one business, industry or customer won’t necessarily work for another. Join this lively debate with our experienced panel.


Paul Bolton
former GM of Enterprise and Strategic Accounts

Amy Zobec

Enterprise Sales
Shopify Plus

Neil Hockley
State Sales Manager NSW/ACT – Commercial

Kent Eimbrodt
General Manager

Stretch, network, drink more tea or coffee

Boozy deep dive: What makes a great sales leader tick?

Get a drink, a notepad, sit tight and get your leader on…
In this interactive session you will discover the secrets of great sales leaders, rate yourself on those attributes and create a personal action plan to help make you even better at what you do.


Chris Muir
Managing Director
Sales Success

MC sum up
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